How This Works

Step 1: Discover New Perks In Orange County Step 1: Discover New Perks In Orange County
Step 2: Purchase Amazing Limited Time Offers. Step 2: Purchase Amazing Limited Time Offers.
Step 3: Enjoy Affordable Luxury Experiences. Step 3: Enjoy Affordable Luxury Experiences.

Still have questions? Read the FAQ below.

  • What is DealPerk?

    DealPerk features an amazing deal at an exclusive price. (We call the deal a "Perk"). By working together as a community, we can explore new places in Orange County, assist local merchants, and save money.

  • I want to buy today's Perk! How?

    Click "Buy" on our front page before the Perk ends! Follow through the check out process and within 24 hours, you'll be able to use your Perk. Don't forget to refer your friends! You get a $10 bonus for each friend who you refer that makes a purchase.

  • Bought a Perk! Now what?

    After buying your Perk, you will get an e-mail with instructions on how to redeem it. You will be able to print out your Perk and use it the next day. This gives the merchants courtesy time to prepare for your arrival.

  • Got my Perk! Do I need to use it today?

    No. Each Perk has its own expiration date you don't have to use it the day that you purchased it. Any blackout dates or restrictions are listed in the fine print on the Perk and on our website. Please make sure you remember the expiration date and print out the Perk in advance.

  • Can I buy a Perk and give it to someone else? What if my name is on it?

    Yes. We let the businesses know that the Perk can be given out as a gift (unless they specify otherwise). Just make sure that they have the unique Perk #. Once it's redeemed, the code is no longer valid.

  • If I don't use the full value of the Perk at once, can I use it next time?

    Unfortunately no. You will not get store credit or cash back for any value of the Perk that you don't use. We recommend bringing a friend or purchasing more than the voucher amount to utilize the full voucher value.

  • Is DealPerk safe?

    We are extremely safe and safety is a very high priority of ours. Your information is kept completely confidential and is not sold or distributed. We use Wells Fargo Bank for processing every credit card, which is transmitted by SSL directly. We do not store the credit card information on our servers at any time. We are also SSL verified by GoDaddy.

  • Can I combine the DealPerk with other promotions?

    No, unless the Perk specifically states otherwise.

  • When do I get billed?

    You get charged after purchasing the Perk.

  • Can I return the Perk?

    Returns are handled on a case-by-case basis. We will do whatever we can to make our customers happy within reason. We generally will be unable to offer refunds since they are sold at promotional prices.

    If there is something wrong with your purchase, please contact us by email at .

  • What if the company I bought a Perk from goes bankrupt?

    If something happens and it is impossible for you to use your Perk, we'll get your money back.

  • I own a business how do I get onto DealPerk?

    We're here to help local merchants! Just contact us at albert (at)

  • Why not feature more Perks per day?

    We focus on the best quality Perks with amazing prices to make it simple. We only choose places that we personally would want to attend, and do not want to overwhelm you with too many Perks! We hope you join us and enjoy these experiences here in Orange County.

  • Where'd you get the name "DealPerk"?

    We asked hundreds of our friends for amazing names. We came out with some pretty outrageous ones relating to cows, chickens, and deals. However, our motto for DealPerk is "Local Deal. Great Perk." By being local to Orange County, California, why not explore more venues at an affordable price?

  • Where is DealPerk covering?

    We are exclusive to Orange County, California. Perhaps in due time we may expand to other counties, but our home is Irvine and we want to grow within our local community.

  • Who are you guys at DealPerk?

    DealPerk evolved from CheapIrvine, which catered towards the Irvine, California residents with coupons. The demand for group savings grew tremendously, so we decided to grow out of Irvine to help our neighboring cities.

  • Where is DealPerk located?

    DealPerk is headquartered in Irvine, California.